• Let's call this accountability.

      There have been a lot of things said about what Trump will and won't do. Some of it is productive, some of it is wishful-thinking, and some of it is outright irrational idiocy. This page serves as a reference for these things, and whether or not they're actually getting done. People can be referred to this page to see just how many of their hopes or fears have actually come to fruition, which should provide a regular reality check for people on both sides of the Trump presidency. It would be nice to believe that this page was somehow providing accountability to Trump himself, but most likely the accountability is for people who would argue or debate from a position of ignorance about what Trump is and is not doing.

    • Believe something needs to be tracked?

      Is something missing that needs to be tracked? If so, please feel free to submit ideas for trackers to trtrtr@trumptroubletracker.com. Submissions will be reviewed, and if appropriate, added to the tracker list. If interested, include a name, and it will be noted in the tracker as the submitter.

    • How does a "tracker" work?

      Each tracker is essentially a progress bar for a particular event. The progress bar fills up around the circular image, based on the level of completion of that event. In some cases, there may not be a progress bar at all, because the event in question hasn't yet begun. Hovering over the image will show the actual percentage of completion, in numeric form. Below is an example image of three trackers. The first one has an arrow indicating the "Read More" button, which will allow you to read the text-based details of the tracker, and make any comments you may have concerning the tracker. The second tracker shows an event with relatively low completion rate, and the third tracker indicates an event with a somewhat significant completion rate.