Factcheck.org ran out of graphs?

There's a reason that many people claim that factcheck.org isn't exactly an unbiased resource. It isn't always about the content, necessarily, but quite often about the display.

They tend toward brightly colored graphs to indicate facts and figures, but strangely, almost always when the information to be displayed is negative toward Obama ... graphs are nowhere to be found.

The link below is a perfect example. Notice the graphs provided for GDP growth, Corporate Profits, Health Insurance, etc, while noting a distinct lack of graphs indicating things like US National Debt (88% increase), Obama's failed Guantanamo promise, or poverty levels. In fact, the only graph that appears to be negative, is the one pertaining to the US Murder Rate, after which the editor has the gall to actually speculate a decrease, once the new numbers are available, after plotting a consistent increase previously.

To make it even more frustrating to those of us who prefer ACTUAL facts, this site insists on parroting the 4.7% unemployment number, regardless of the fact that it's been proven to be completely skewed by people effectively giving up looking for a job.

It isn't a huge thing, certainly. If you're interested enough to look up the article, surely you're interested enough in reading the words. However, it happens so often, that some people can't help but wonder if it's intentionally meant to wrongly persuade those people who just casually scan, looking for pretty pictures to do their thinking for them.