Hillary is Missing Something ...

An image was recently released of Hillary eating breakfast alone at Mohonk Mountain House in NY. It certainly had a somber tone, and seemed to tug at the heartstrings of her ardent supporters. The problem is, something appears to be missing.

There are quite a few things missing, really. Huma is nowhere to be found. Bill wasn't around. In fact, judging by the lack of plates around the table, it seems fairly obvious that no one dined with Hillary. None of that is quite as interesting as another omission, however.

Look this picture over carefully. Do you see hot sauce anywhere?

Apparently Hillary doesn't need to pander anymore, now that her presidential campaign has failed. Strange how quickly those off-the-cuff statements fly by the wayside when you're no longer trying to win votes from a group of people for whom you obviously have no respect. While this may not be a particularly important omission, it is certainly an amusing one.