John Lewis - The Wolf Who Cried Racist Man

John Lewis is a civil rights hero. Of this, there can be no doubt. Apparently, though, that has come to mean that he's untouchable, regardless of what idiocy spills from his lips.

I'm sure this will be tough for people to believe, but this isn't the first time that John Lewis has been involved in denigrating a Republican president (or presidential candidate).

He accused Mitt Romney of intending to bring back segregation. Not many years before that, Lewis was making news by comparing John McCain to George Wallace (politician who campaigned heavily for segregation), and blaming him for inciting racial hatred that resulted in the shooting of 4 young girls in Alabama. John McCain. The man who once took a microphone from a supporter who called Obama an Arab, and corrected her in front of a massive crowd.

Again, not long before, Lewis refused to attend the inauguration of George W. Bush, on the grounds that Bush "wasn't the true president".

This man is a partisan hack, period. He isn't a hero anymore. Now he's a bitter, petty person, who has made it clear that he will use the issue of race to denigrate and invalidate any Republican elected as president, or who might dare to run for the office. He isn't untouchable, he isn't inherently right, because he once acted on the side of right. He has lost his way, and he's taking entirely too many people with him.