A quick thought on the Carrier situation.

With all of the people complaining about the Carrier deal, it occurred to me that it's strange that we don't hear from any of the Carrier people about what a bad decision it was. The decision saved 800+ jobs, which presumably means 800+ people. In an election as close to 50-50 as this one, you'd think that would translate to somewhere around 400 people who were unhappy to see Trump elected. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt, and cut that in half, there are still 200 people involved who would have preferred Clinton was president. Why aren't we hearing anything from those 200 people about what a bad deal it was for Trump to negotiate with Carrier?

Is it possible that it isn't actually a bad deal, and instead the anti-Trump folks are just doing anything and everything they can to try to discredit the man? I'm guessing so.