What did we learn from Jill Stein's failure in PA?

Jill Stein has apparently given up on her statewide recount efforts in Pennsylvania. According to her attorneys, she and her supporters were unable to post the $1 million bond required to continue with the recount.

This comes as a surprise, given the fairly common assumption that Stein was backed by some major Clinton supporters, perhaps even George Soros, himself. At this point, one would have to assume that this support didn't actually exist, as I doubt that they would simply give up and admit defeat over a $1 million fee. Then again, I guess it may be difficult to explain if an amount that large just came out of nowhere, without the cover of "small donation" type fund-raising efforts.

It appears that Stein intends to continue the county-by-county approach to the recount in PA, even though this ruling has effectively destroyed any possibility of their preferred outcome. While Stein has claimed her motivation wasn't to benefit one candidate over another, she has remained oddly uninterested in answering the question as to why her efforts have been directed only toward recounts in states Clinton lost by a small margin, disregarding any states in which Clinton won. Even when the margin of win in those states is closer than the ones she's recounting. It's hard to take this woman seriously, given her obvious bias.