Meryl Streep is Donald Trump

Her: "meryl streep is a legend in her field and deserves to be respected you trumpkin assholes hate her because shes a woman who speaks truthh"

Me: "What people are upset about has nothing to do with her acting, it has to do with her statements belittling and insulting tens of millions of people, while supposedly speaking out against someone she believes belittles tens of millions of people."

Her: "well I dont agree with her on what she said about mma an football but she has a right to her opinon and it dont change the good things that she has done and will do her work has made my life and millions other lives better unlike Trump the racist"

Me: "Wait wait wait wait. Wait a minute. Hold on. Did you just say that you don't always agree with the offensive and demeaning things that someone says, but you support them anyway because they are good at what they do, might do even more, and have done things that may have improved your life in some way? Tell me again why I'm a racist, sexist, homophobic piece of shit for voting for tax breaks and cheaper healthcare?"

Her: "its not the same thing what trump said is way worse"

Me: "Why? Because of who it insulted? You've painted yourself into a corner here. It's probably best if you just walk away."

Apparently she did walk away, because that was the last reply.