Build Mexico Border Wall

Donald Trump has been extremely vocal about his intention to build a wall along the southern border of the United States. Trump detractors seem to vacillate between being upset at the concept, and reassuring everyone that Trump never had any real intention of fulfilling this campaign promise anyway. Given recent cabinet appointments, and assurance that this project is a priority, it would appear that an attempt is going to be made.

Update 1-25-2017:
According to Donald Trump, construction for the wall will begin "in months". It appears that he is pressing forward with this particular campaign promise. He has signed the appropriate Executive Order to begin the process, including details concerning construction and financing.

Update 3-2-2017:
Trump and Pence have made it clear that an executive order should be expected on Friday (3-3-2017), which will kick off the process of constructing the wall along the southern border of the United States.

Update 2-19-2018:
Still waiting on the beginning of construction of the border wall. DACA negotiations seem to be inexorably tied to the funding for the wall, and as a result, the project continues to be delayed. Pushing percentage back down.

This tracker is estimated - 40% complete