Create US Jobs

Likely the most significant factor in Trump's campaign success was his commitment to creating jobs, and saving jobs that might otherwise move overseas. It was a message that resonated with voters of all gender, ethnicities, and socio-economic standing.

His focus on, and success in, this aspect of the economy can't be overstated in its importance to the American people.

With the recent announcements from Carrier and IBM, it appears that this campaign promise still rates high on Trump's list of priorities. This tracker may fluctuate, depending on statistics, but so far... so good.

Update 1-8-2017: Under Armour is now talking about the need to bring jobs back from overseas. Trump's approach seems to be having an effect on the job market, and he has yet to take office.

Update 1-21-2017
Multiple companies have announced that they will keep or add jobs, in what appears to be decisions tied to the Obama/Trump transition. Ford and GM spoke of 700 and 7000 jobs, respectively, and as well as significant financial investment in the country. Pizza Hut planning to hire as many as 10,000 workers, and Amazon speculating 100,000 new employees in the next year and a half. So far, so good, for this campaign promise. It's a far cry from the 25 million job goal, but every step is progress.

Update 2-5-2017:
N.R. Narayana Murthy, who runs a company that specializes in issuing H-1B visas for foreign workers, is advising companies to start hiring American workers immediately, so as to avoid lost production when the H-1B visa program undergoes reform. This may not exactly create jobs, but it will certainly ensure that they are filled with American workers.

This tracker is estimated - 65% complete