Destroy the US Economy

Some people believe that Trump's tendency to approach everything like a negotiation will lead to him destroying the US economy. So far, it appears as though he will have farther to go to accomplish this, since the economy appears to have taken a turn for the better immediately after news of his win in the presidential election. Since the word "destroy" is so subjective, this tracker will be based on the growth percentage and GDP increases through Trump's presidency. Anything less than positive growth will be considered significant, and negative growth of more than 5% will be considered the threshold for having destroyed the economy. Of course, a major collapse will be easier to identify, and 5% negative growth is actually quite a major collapse.

Update 1-21-2017:
The economy appears to be responding very well to Trump's election and inauguration. Many news outlets and financial institutions continue to warn of a potential correction, but so far things remain strong.

Update 2-19-2018:
Despite recent drops in the market, the economy seems to be doing quite well. Still waiting for that destruction to roll through. Seems like it should have started by now, right? Odd.

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