Double the National Debt

The national debt sits at $19,947,824,970,556 as of a few seconds ago, increasing at a rate of approximately $10,000 per second, per This would put the debt somewhere around $19,967,696,970,556 by the time Trump takes office on January 20th. That would mean he would need to increase the debt to approximately $39,935,393,941,112 by the end of his term as president, to fulfill this tracker. Starting January 20th, this tracker will become the easiest one to set, as it will simply be a mathematical representation of how close Trump is to reaching the almost $40 trillion number above.

Update 2-5-2017:
The debt currently sits at $19,902,827,463,569, as of the 16th day of Trump's presidency. It has increased $64,869,506,987 in 16 days. That's an average daily increase of $4,054,344,186.

This tracker is estimated - 5% complete