Middle-Class Tax Breaks

Donald Trump campaigned heavily on the idea of cutting taxes for most people, focusing mostly on the middle-class. As his tax plan stands currently, it doesn't appear as though it would be of much benefit to anyone who doesn't have children, and thus wouldn't qualify for the child-related tax breaks outlined.

While his advisors, aides, and campaign have said that the plan will go through multiple stages before being finalized, the initial reaction is one of concern, for most middle-class Americans.

To not accomplish this particular campaign promise would be potentially devastating to a 2nd term bid.

Update: 12-14-2016 It appears that Trump's tax reform plan will be released in two steps. First step will be corporate tax reform, and sometime around April or May, the individual tax reform plan. That is assuming that Congress allows it to happen that way. Even Republican Congressmen have been uneasy about passing tax reform laws that separate corporate and individual reforms.

Update 2-5-2017:
Gary Cohn, a Trump economic adviser, is saying that the tax reform plan is "on the table", and some machinations have begun to allow the review of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Law, which would signal the beginning of the roll out of tax changes for corporation. It has been said that middle-class tax reform will be enacted shortly thereafter. Many people are waiting in rapt anticipation of the plan.

Update 1-15-2018:
Trump tax plan a go, and all indications are that it's going to have a positive effect on middle-class tax liabilities. Various businesses giving bonuses due to savings they're experiencing due to tax cuts and deregulation.

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