• Reinstate Torture

    Trump has said quite a few times that he believes torture works, which would seem to imply that he would instate it as an option for the US military.

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  • Leave Business

    There are many who believe that Trump won't leave his business interests while acting as President, and many who believe he will. Who is right remains to be seen.

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  • Defund Planned Parenthood

    It has been a long-standing goal of the Republican establishment to defund Planned Parenthood. Many believe this presidential cycle will be their opportunity.

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  • Abandon the UN

    It appears that many media outlets, and large groups of people believe that Trump intends to ensure that the United States abandons the UN entirely.

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  • Start Nuclear Race

    Recently it's been speculated that Trump is going to start a nuclear arms race due to a tweet he sent out saying, "Let it be an arms race," in response to criticism of his outlook on US nuclear weapon development.

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  • Disband Congress

    Some people seem to believe that Trump intends to disband Congress in it's entirety. It is never specified, however, what benefit this could possibly serve.

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  • Create US Jobs

    Trump has been very vocal about his intention to focus on creating, and saving, jobs in the US. It was one of the most commonly reiterated campaign promises.

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  • Turkish Blackmail

    Rachel Maddow believes that Trump will be blackmailed by the Turkish government to force the extradition of Cleric Fethullah Gulen

    Read more 2016-12-13
  • Middle-Class Tax Breaks

    Trump has stated that he intends to implement tax breaks for most people, including the middle-class, breaking a long standing tradition in politics of relying on the middle-class as an ATM.

    Read more 2016-11-22
  • Dismantle Medicare

    A lot of people expect Trump to move on to the Medicare program after his dismantling of Obamacare, as it has been a Republican target in the past.

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  • Start War With Iran

    Many major news organizations are predicting a war with Iran as a result of Trump policies or simply due to him being in the position of President of the United States.

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  • Dump Foreign Lang Class

    In an apparent attempt to paint Trump as a psychotic bigot with no values outside of extreme nationalism, many expect Trump to remove all foreign language classes from school curriculum, somehow ensuring that state-run schools bend to his will on this ridiculousness.

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  • Drop TPP

    Similar to NAFTA, Trump has expressed displeasure at the idea of the US being involved in TPP, and intends to ensure it does not happen during his presidency. There are those who believe it will be done anyway.

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  • Pull Out of NAFTA

    Trump has stated his intention of pulling out of NAFTA and possibly renegotiating the deal to better serve US interests. Many believe he will not follow through with this intention.

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  • Dump World Trade Org

    Trump has made it clear that he intends to pull out of any trade deals that are not beneficial to the United States. Some assume this means a complete removal of the US from the World Trade Organization.

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  • Double the National Debt

    In keeping with the precedent set by his predecessor, many believe Trump will double the national debt during his presidency.

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  • Destroy the US Economy

    In spite of his apparent business acumen, a large percentage of the major media outlets have asserted that Trump is likely to destroy the US economy through ineptitude or intention.

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  • Stop-and-Frisk Policing

    Presumably due to his proximity to Rudy Guliani, and his statements concerning the effectiveness of stop-and-frisk techniques, many believe this method will be introduced as a nationwide option for authorities.

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  • US Citizen Trials At Gitmo

    In an extreme move, multiple news sources have speculated that Trump may circumvent US law and individual rights by moving US citizens to Guantanemo Bay for prosecution of crimes.

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  • Imprison Political Opponents

    Many believe that Trump intends to have his political opponents imprisoned. There is rarely a list of names outside of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but any political opponent imprisoned for fundamental differences in politics should be sufficient to register progress for this tracker.

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  • Hang or Imprison Clinton

    Similar to how some people expect Trump to treat Obama, there are those who believe Trump will somehow have Hillary Clinton imprisoned, or hanged for treason. Presumably this assertion is outside the scope of the possibility of Hillary Clinton serving time for existing alleged criminal activities.

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  • Hang or Imprison Obama

    People have gone so far as to say that Trump is likely to imprison, hang, or kill in some fashion, the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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  • Refuse Intelligence Briefings

    Citing a Trump statement in which he claimed he probably knew more about ISIS than most of the active US generals, many believe Trump intends to eschew the intelligence briefing process entirely, choosing instead to rely on his own knowledge and instincts to conduct foreign and domestic affairs.

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  • Repeal & Replace Obamacare

    Trump has stated that he intends to make the repeal and replacement of Obamacare a top priority for his administration. Some believe he will back out of this campaign promise.

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  • Tax Breaks For The Rich

    Despite the Trump tax plan being made public for months, many are of the belief that Trump will slash taxes for the wealthy, but not allow those tax cuts to extend to any other fiscal-class.

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  • Assassinate Kim Jong-un

    In an odd departure from those who believe Trump to be in league with North Korea, some people have speculated that Trump will task the US military with assassinating the North Korean leader.

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  • Abolish Gun-Free Zones

    In spite of gun-free zones being effectively dictated by private owners, and state governments, many believe Trump will completely remove them from existence.

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  • Repeal First Amendment

    Some news outlets have gone so far as to state that they believe Donald Trump intends to protect his administration from criticism by having the First Amendment repealed.

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  • Use Nuclear Weapons

    A fairly common assertion in the media, and among the anti-Trump crowd, is that a Trump presidency will result in the use of nuclear weapons, for whatever reason.

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  • Abandon South Korea

    Trump is believed to be interested in abandoning US support for South Korea, leaving them to fare for themselves against Chinese and North Korean aggression.

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  • Abandon Japan

    In a borderline unexplainable accusation, large groups of people have accused Trump of wanting to abandon any US military support for Japan.

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  • US Control to Russia

    Many people, and multiple media outlets, have stated that Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin, and will essentially allow the Russian leader to control the US by proxy.

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  • US Control to Israel

    There are those who believe that Trump intends to essentially allow Israel to control the US by using him as a proxy. They are at the opposite end of the spectrum from those who believe Trump will completely abandon support for Israel.

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  • Abandon Israel

    Many have stated that Donald Trump intends to completely abandon US support for Israel during his term as President of the United States. This is in direct contrast to those who believe he will sell out American interests for the betterment and protection of Israel.

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  • Abandon NATO

    Trump statements concerning the effectiveness of NATO and commitment by members has led many to believe he will abandon NATO entirely, regardless of circumstances.

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  • Legalize Slavery

    One of the most extreme concerns that has been voiced, getting a surprising amount of attention, is the idea that Trump will legalize slavery in the United States.

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  • Sue Political Enemies

    In conjunction with the stiffening of libel laws, it has been said on multiple occasions, that Trump will use lawsuits against his political enemies as a form of intimidation and control.

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  • Extremely Stiff Libel Laws

    It is widely believed that Donald Trump intends to stiffen libel laws to allow him to operate in a litigious fashion where his detractors are concerned. Many believe the new laws will infringe on the First Amendment.

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  • Build Mexico Border Wall

    A major Donald Trump campaign pillar was the stated intention to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, meant to make it more difficult to cross the border and enter the United States illegally.

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  • Break Campaign Promises

    In an odd scenario outlined by the news outlet Politico, in the event of having secured the presidency, Donald Trump would back out of all of his stated campaign promises, completely alienating his voter base and political party. Apparently though, it is still somehow believe that he intends to do all of the things considered so inflammatory.

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  • Default On US Debt

    By extrapolating out a hypothetical situation once discussed by Trump, a significant number of people have assumed that Trump intends to default on all internal US debt and debt to foreign countries.

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  • Shut Down All Mosques

    Presumably as an extention to deporting all Muslims, Donald Trump is expected, by many, to force the closing of all mosques in the United States.

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  • Illegalize Abortion

    Many Democratic Senators and members of Congress, have implied, inferred, or outright stated that they expect a Trump-Pence presidency to result in the complete illegalization of abortion, regardless of circumstances.

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  • Require Muslim Registration

    Through the willful, or mistaken bastardization of an actual statement, many have been led to believe that Trump is advocating for a law that would require all Muslims to submit to a registration process, regardless of their criminal or citizenship status.

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  • Start World War III

    The most extreme scenarios go so far as to postulate a third world war, initiated by Donald Trump, either out of conscious intent, or due to complete incompetence. It is rarely said who would be on the other side of the first battle, though it's quite often implied that it would be Russia.

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  • Repeal Female Voting Rights

    Apparently there are those who believe that Trump intends to take away the right to vote from female citizens, without ever actually explaining how he could accomplish it.

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  • Repeal Black Voting Rights

    Various groups, such as Black Lives Matter, would have everyone believe that Trump has designs to take away the voting rights of American citizens, based on their skin color.

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  • Legalize Sexual Harassment

    In one of the more extreme scenarios outlined by the left, Donald Trump is thought to be interested in passing laws that would effectively legalize sexual harrassment and certain types of sexual assault.

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  • Deport Illegal Immigrants

    Initially, Donald Trump appeared to be advocating deporting every illegal immigrant in the US. However, it has since been walked back to focusing on the approximately 2 million who have a criminal record for violent offenses. Despite this change, there are still those who believe he intends to deport all of them.

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  • Imprison Muslim Americans

    Some of the more extreme left-leaning news organizations have taken Trump statements to mean that he intends to put all Muslims in prison, or to possibly establish internment camps.

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  • Gay Transition Therapy

    The LGBTQ community has made it clear that they believe that a Trump-Pence presidency will result in required transition therapy for openly gay citizens.

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  • Abandon Climate Change

    It has been said, by multiple sources, that Trump will abandon all climate change initiatives, research, and funding. Many have gone so far as to say that the environment cannot tolerate a Trump presidency.

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  • Deport All Muslims

    In addition to banning all Muslim immigration, many in the media have stated that Donald Trump is intent on deporting all Muslims, regardless of status.

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  • Ban All Muslim Immigration

    The Democratic party has spent an inordinate amount of time and resources on convincing the American people that Donald Trump intends to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the US, regardless of point of origin or in spite of an enhanced vetting process.

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  • Overturn Gay Marriage

    Many psuedo-news outlets, such as The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post, and others, have stated that they fully expect a Trump-Pence presidency to overturn the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized gay marriage in all 50 states.

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